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Twist and turn, love and learn.

I'm running out of magic.
Call it what you want, but ever since my life turned around it's been... easy. I've been a floater, or a glider.
Despite the name the meaning stays the same.
School was simple, everything just stuck in my head and I rarely needed to study.
My facial features developed to their full potential, my social skills evolved and the result of these things was that I almost always had a girlfriend at my side.
Physically it helped as well. I never really trained properly, didn't excercise as much as I should yet my body never fell back into the miserable blobbed form it once held. I wasn't fit, but I was alright.
Friends came to be, even though I didn't know how to care for them, handle them and keep them in my life properly, they stayed.
But now my luck is starting to fail.
Life isn't a game anymore, and I've got to take things seriously now.
Sacrifice things, so that greater things can grow.
I need to change myself from within, to become the person I want to be.
I want to be missed.
At my current state, I am incomplete. I'm far too rude, downright mean sometimes. I don't take resposibility for the things I should and my lazyness is starting to hurt my grades.
I have to be carfeul.
But vigilant.
Take care of the things I have, cherish them so that they don't slip through my fingers.
Work harder to truly grow stronger, so that I won't fall.
And to stay true.
True to what I want.
To who I want.
Who I am.
My mind twists, my heart turns, but my body will live, my heart will love, and I will learn.
This is my vow.


Man är väl aldrig helt complete? Du får det att låta negativt, jag tycker att det är positivt. Man kan ju alltid bli mer liksom...

Bara en tanke

Svar: Sant, vi är nog aldrig helt färdiga. Man utvecklas ju hela livet. Och jag håller med om att min ton låter ganska negativ, men det är för att jag känner mig missnöjd med där jag är just nu. Och vill nå den punkt i mitt liv då jag kan vara stolt över den jag är, hela mitt jag, och inte bara det man lägger ut på ytan.
Niclas Näslund

2013-09-09 @ 21:09:34

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