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Get a blog. Seriously dude, read a blog. I'd read the crap out of it.

White blank page.

Let's do this. Back from the dead. Got some battle scars duuude... Let's just say I'm.. fashionably late.

The Perfect Darkness follows me like a Warm Shadow, and the one Who Says ''Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us'' isn't speaking with Honesty. And even though his Fear Is Like Fire he'll just have to Save It For Somebody Else. Because I'm gonna put a Foot In The Door, tell him to get on his Wheels, and watch the Berlin Sunrise.

She wanted to Settle Down.
She was a Cameo Lover, we met on a Two Way Street and I knew she wasn't going to be some Old Flame.
So with Good Intent I bought a Plain Gold Ring, But before I could ask, she said ''Call me'' and went back to Limbo. And with Wandering Limbs I had to Withdraw, because after The Build Up, I had nothing more to give.

The Iron price is what I had to pay to get to Brooklyn. I'd do anything to see Baltimore's Fireflies again, but everywhere I go it's just... Wasteland.

This is fun.

This is fun.

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