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Hour thirteen. Beep beep. A message arrives to my phone as I stumble out of the microscopic ocean that is my bed to go check it.
Coffe soon?

''Oh yeah, Julia's visiting today. Neat, I need some social interaction.''
I drag my body towards the washroom where I do my usual morning routine, then crawl up the stairs towards the kitchen.
Made breakfast, Julia arrived, we had some coffe, talked about stuff, it was pleasant.

When she makes her departure I move on to my project for the day, the abyssmal mess of stuff that I call my room. It's ridiculous how much of a mess a single person can accomplish. But nonetheless, it will be done.
Four hours later, I've gotten quite a bit, not that far though, not done... not even close.

Stay up all night to finish it? Perhaps, I could try. It would feel amazing to wake up to that room, but nonetheless I doubt my abilities greatly.

But why am I suddenly here?

Perhaps I just missed you, that's possible isn't it? But it's probbably just because I'm bored and my head is starting to grow again, on the inside. Thoughts and choices echo against the walls of my skulle, begging me to give them attention and demand I focus solely on them.

I refuse, ofcourse as it is my nature to simply focus on the simpler things whenever an issue arrives.

But I can't do that forever.

Still, I'm glad you read this, I'm glad you showed some interesting in the inner dwellings of my head. It's neat.

We should hang out sometime, or something. I dunno.



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