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WEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee ~~~~

Getting a bit dull here isn't it? Quite. And I've grown bored of sanity, for now.. well.. just a bit.
Aren't we all a bit lunatic? We all just go on with our lives pretending everything's jolly and good... normal. Nothing strange at all.. pfft. BORING. People, give in to your fun side once in a while.. do something unexplainable just for the case of doing something that makes your life interesting.

Then again, don't do anything too reckless, consequences are still a part of life, wether we want them to be or not. So never do anything that might damage anything beyond repair.. that's just stupid. And no fun at all.

So what am I doing right now? 
Well, I'm simply exploding... letting my fingers dance upon my black keyboard spelling out words onto this white screen because I simply couldn't NOT do anything anymore. Wether it be chatting, gaming or pursuing an endless poke-war on facebook... I needed to vent out some of this energy, creativity, and insanity that dwells within me. 

Now people, don't be alarmed... I'm not GOING insane. (If that was the case, you could say I turned insane ages ago) I'm just.. venting out some.. so I don't splurge out on someone tomorrow in school and later have to explain my odd behaviour to them... even though that would be quite entertaining.

What else to say? Not much.. I need more.. things. That are different. Personal quirks if you wish.. hmm.. a new symbol perhaps? Perhaps Sef's face? Perhaps I should shorten Sef even more.. making him carryable.. then again.. aren't I a little too old for a Doll? Even though it's nothing but a head? I think a symbol will do for now. A mark. That'll do.. yeah..

That'll do.

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