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Sandy Balls

That is what got you here.
Now that I have your attention I have a few things to say.
No really, I have some knowledge I wish to impart on You and You specifically.
I am sick and tired of your pictures and declarations of eternal, blissful, wonderful love.
The issue isn't the emotions themselves, the problem is the fact that the phrase "I love you"  has lost its profound meaning.
It's tossed around like candy when it should be held as tightly as a diamond. You just don't go around throwing diamonds away now do you?

Not to say that I doubt the realism and authenticity of your feelings. I am just saying that you're still growing. In a few years maybe Justin Bieber won't be your favourite artist. And dude, at twenty the latest Elder Scrolls game with an AWESOME new engine won't be...awesome anymore.
But I digress. I'm getting long winded. Don't invest your everything into one person after being their significant other for a mere week. It isn't realistic.
Be happy and don't throw the L-world around.
When pressed into a corner use lesbians instead.
Thank you for your time.


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