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Everything's out of the shadows.

Fear is the first thing that struck me when I heard the footsteps, then shock. The shock that came when they flashed their lights in my face, lighting up everything. All the secrets I had, everything I was. How broken I had become, how the darkness had effected my soul. So what did I do? What did I do when they knew everything was a lie? I become like stone. Emotionless, cold, and dead. I simply shut everything off. And that is how I will remain. I shall remain as a stone untill the day someone comes and carves me out of this shell, untill someone carves out the small scared wounded infant that is trapped inside. But untill then, my statue will walk this earth in my place and do things in my name. It will be attacked by many, but it seems none can crack it's thick dark shell. Noone.


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